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Using our BOB (stroller) for the Beach

Using our BOB (stroller) for the Beach

One of the first things I added to my baby registry was the BOB jogging stroller. With working out and staying active being such a huge part of our lives prior to Parker, we wanted to make sure we were preparing with the proper gear to incorporate her into this kind of lifestyle with us after. In addition to the stroller, I added the Ergo360 baby carrier which a mama friend recommended for travel and light hikes, and also lots of home workout equipment (resistance bands, hand weights, etc.) knowing that it would be hard to go to workout classes the way I used to and that home workouts would now be my primary.

We went with the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 which can be used for babies that are 8 weeks and older for walks and also for jogging after 8 months once the baby’s neck is strong enough to handle the motion of running. When getting the stroller, I planned to primarily use it for jogs. What I didn’t realize at the time was that it’s also the perfect beach stroller. The first time I brought Parker to the beach I had her in the Uppa Baby Vista stroller which we ended up needing two people to drag through the send (pull instead of push…not ideal). The next trip, Parker was about 8 weeks exactly so we tried out the BOB and were able to much more easily push it through the sand instead of pull it. The BOB is considered all-terrain which can be used for sidewalks, beach, hikes…pretty much anything!

bob revolution 3.0 jogging stroller with newborn

Doing anything in the sand (running, etc.) is always more of a challenge than doing it on flat pavement so you will still have to work a little to push it through the sand, but it was wayyy easier than dealing with a non all terrain stroller. I also feel like now that my workouts are less often and less intense, this is a good way for me to get a little workout in on my way to and from the beach. Bryan carries the chairs, umbrellas and pretty much everything else while I push the stroller. We’ve also been using it for walks on the boardwalk and will start jogging with it once she’s 8 months.

Some other great features that we’re loving -

  • You can switch it from walking to jogging mode. On the beach, you use jogging mode so the front tire doesn’t turn which makes it easier to push.

  • There’s great coverage for Parker (with 50+ UPF). The top shade has a few different options from partially covered to fully covered. After a #momfail where she got a little burn on our first beach trip :( , we’re really trying not to let her get much sun and using the full coverage most of the time. Even with the shade all the way down, it’s still well ventilated through the mesh opening in the back and on the sides so we don’t have to worry about hot air getting trapped in there with her.

  • There’s two pockets in there with her. Her white noise machine fits perfectly in it and we usually stick her paci or a little toy in the other.

  • The seat reclines to laying down which we’ve been using for naps at the beach, to seated upright which is especially good and needed for her reflux issues.

  • There’s clear “window” on the top of the stroller to peak in on babe and make sure they are happy, see if they’re sleeping, not getting too much sun, etc.

I will report back in a few months when we start using it for jogs!



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