Hi! My name is Lexie Sperduto Allman.

I've created this blog to share the "lexsentials" of my life.  I'm obsessed with health & wellness and consume wellness content religiously. This all started back in 2011 after I graduated college, specifically after reading two books, The China Study and Skinny Bitch, both of which led to me becoming a pescatarian. Now my diet is plant-based, with a lot of bananas, avocados, kale and quinoa.  

I love working out. Growing up I played every sport imaginable (swimming, diving, soccer, basketball, baseball, field hockey, tennis, lacrosse, ATV riding...just to name a few). Now my workouts fluctuate with the weather/season and the latest trends. I like to run and hike when it's warm enough to get outside (running is a love-hate relationship), take an occasional overly expensive class (barre, megaformer, pilates, 305 fitness are my faves), and create my own workouts on the gym (inspired by Dogpound and BBG). I used to be obsessed with yoga but had to stop for a wrist injury that I'm still dealing with.

I met the love of my life, Bryan, at a concert in Central Park. We just got married this past August. I'm now settling into wife-life and enjoying the free time that I spent wedding planning for the last year. Luckily, Bryan loves to workout just as much as I do.

I'm not a writer. I write the way I speak but I do hope to bring some valuable lexsentials to my readers. So what are "lexsentials"? They are the essentials to my life. A lot of health, fitness, nutrition and wellness (superfoods, meditation, non-toxic beauty), plant-based recipes (mostly gluten-free and dairy-free, always pescatarian, sometimes vegan but not always because I love eggs, sweets), and lifestyle (whatever is current in my life...for the next 6 months there will be wedding planning and for as often as I can there will be travel).

I work a full time job in ad tech and blogging is my side hustle but I have so much passion for the wellness industry. I hope to inspire you to live a holistically healthy life. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!