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Classpass Down the (NJ ) Shore

Classpass Down the (NJ ) Shore

My Instagram hiatus opened up some time for many things...longer meditations, reading and...after 3 months! ...a blog post! I guess I've been prioritizing Instagram stories > blogs posts. So if you have feedback on which of the two you prefer to consume, let me know. 

This post is for my DTS friends. Living in NYC and then Hoboken, pretty much everyone has Classpass. It's basically the only way to make the boutique ($30-$40) workout classes (somewhat more) affordable. You can save $ on class and put it towards your also overpriced athleisure outfit to wear to class! After moving to Fair Haven this past February, I noticed that Classpass existed but no one knew about it or even knew what it was. So here is my explanation and some of the studios I've been loving - 

Classpass = a monthly membership that allows you to take classes at different participating studios for at least half but sometimes a quarter of the price. If you love to workout and try new studios, or even if you have studios that you're loyal too but aren't on a monthly membership, then it would be silly not to take advantage of this deal. 

How it works = Classpass recently migrated from a classes per month package to a points system. Each class is worth a certain amount of points and you can choose how many points you would like to commit to per month. I've seen classes ranging from 5-23 points and averaging 9 credits.

poe yoga fair haven

Good to know:

  • If you decide to freeze your membership, you can go on a maintenance plan which is $15/month and will basically allow you to take around one class. I did this after getting my wrist surgery. The benefit is that you won't have to pay any type of initiation/enrollment fee if you decide to start back up. 
  • I'm on the $45/month package which includes 25 credits (2-4 classes). The other options are $75 for 45 credits or $160 for 100 credits. I still go to some classes that aren't on Classpass so the lowest option has been working for me but my workout routine is always changing so I might increase in the future depending on what I'm doing. 
  • If you are left with not enough credits for a class, you can always purchase more so that you have enough (ie. if you have 3 credits left for the month and want to attend a 7 credit class, you can purchase 4 credits).

Some studios I'm loving:

  • Synergy in Fair Haven for hot yoga
  • Poe in Fair Haven for Firebeat (with Liz!) which is an amped up hot barre fusion class and also hot yoga
  • Renaissance Pilates in Red Bank for Pilates reformer
  • BK Pilates in Long Branch (pop up studio from NYC for the summer until LDW)
  • Tandem Cycle - I don't spin often but if I do it will be here
  • There are SO many options popping up in Asbury Park which is a little far for me but I'm planning to try some either before or after work
  • Megaformer - here's the deal with megaformer. Pilates Blast in Red Bank is amazing but the class is 23 credits which would back out to $41.4. At that point you might as well just buy a class for the studio ($40 normally and $28 for the "happy hour" classes after 12P. Coastal Core in Belmar is also amazing and their class is 7-9 credits so I try to go there before or after work when possible instead. 

If you're into it, you can use my referral code through the link here. You'll get $40 off and I'll also get $40 :) Enjoy saving $!


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