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Infared Sauna Benefits + 50% off at Nao Wellness

Infared Sauna Benefits + 50% off at Nao Wellness

I'm SO excited about this post! Yesterday I had such an amazing day. I got up bright and early to go try the infared sauna at the new Nao Wellness Center located at 28 West 12th St. (lower level). 



What are infared saunas? How are they different from regular saunas?

The main difference between far infared saunas and regular saunas is that infared saunas heat your body from deep within reaching your blood vessels and raising your internal temperature whereas regular saunas heat the air around you causing you to sweat on your skin but not at your core. It's hard to last more than just a few minutes in a traditional sauna where the temperature is up to 200 degrees but in a infared sauna which will have a lower temperature (mine was set at 142 degrees) you can usually last 30-60 minutes allowing more time to sweat out the toxins. 

What is Chromotherapy?

Chromotherapy is color therapy which has been used for centuries by the Mayans, ancient Egyptians and in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for both health and emotional benefits. The benefits? ...elevated mood, destress, boost immunity, stimulate the mind-body-spirit, reduce inflammation, speed recovery and slow the aging process. 

Every color has different benefits. I chose yellow to stimulate mental activity and awareness, and to improve the appearance of skin by repairing scar tissue and pores and eliminating UV radiation damage (all my years of wearing toxic sunscreen). 

How did I feel after?

Amazing. Normally I work out in the AM to wake myself up. This had a similar effect on me. I was tired when I walked into Nao Wellness and felt energized, light and ready for the day after my session (pre-morning matcha too!). I was definitely hungry too but that's probably because I had been up for about 2 hours at this point without eating. You know when you feel SO relaxed that you're tired? That was how I felt once I settled into the day. I'm thinking next time I will try going after work so I can sleep deep. 

NOTE: Nikki (the owner) is amazing. Seriously just the sound of her voice makes me feel relaxed. You will know what I mean when you meet her. 

THE MOST IMPORTANT BENEFIT (for me). Infared saunas + chromotherapy is widely used to help treat seasonal affective disorder. I know, it's only November and like 70 degrees today BUT earlier in this week was cold and I could feel those initial feelings of winter depression creeping up in my system. I'm a summer person. I live for the summer. The winter makes me want to stay inside, hibernate and sleep. Not being able to get out in nature + not having time in the sun is what really gets to me. That is why I have to find ways to recreate the summer heat inside to get me through it. Things such as this or working out make me sweat and feel good. Hot yoga in the winter is the best! 


You can use my code "lexsentials" when you checkout on the mindbody app (or online) for 50% off your first sweat sesh! There is a shower there with non-toxic products so you can go before/after work! 





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