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A Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

A Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

How Natural Deodorant Helped My B.O.

So let me just start this post by saying, I used to smell. Bryan straight up told me (no joke)...when we were in the early stages of dating. LOL. I can laugh at this now but at the time it wasn't funny. I had been using the same deodorant for years...probably since I first started wearing it. No one ever told me that you're supposed to switch up your deo every 6 months or so to prevent resistance! So I changed my deodorant to another toxic deodorant and I definitely smelled better...but I still always felt like the fragrance (or something) in the deodorants/anti-perspirants made me smell worse. I was right. It wasn't until I switched to deodorants without chemicals that this "specific" smell went away. And although the first few natural deodorants I tried might not have worked perfectly, they still made me smell better than the toxic deodorants, likely because I was no longer clogging my pores with aluminum salts, fragrances and other chemicals. Regardless, I'm Italian so I sweat and when I'm stress sweating it smells more than regular sweat (a good way to identify this is if your sweat at the gym doesn't smell that bad but your sweat when your stressing does) BUT switching over to natural deo has helped me tremendously. 


I've tried SO many. Like pretty much EVERY one on the shelves - Tom's, La Vanilla, Jason, Crystal...the list goes on...

I tried to switch over to natural deodorant years ago when I first started to care more about my health and learn about the toxicity of beauty products. At the time, I wasn't as educated as I am now so I tried a few on and off but they never worked so I always gave up...and then eventually gave another one a shot. In the past year as I learned more about the negative effects of regular deodorants and also discovered the Think Dirty app, it became much easier to commit to making this change. However I still felt hopeless as I tried deo after deo with no success. 

Eventually I found two that worked which I was so excited about...at first, until I learned about the cons. The first was Primal Pit Paste Lavender (stick) and the second was Piper Wai (tub). Both of these do work for me BUT the problem is that they don't last all day. They work for about half a day and then I have to reapply for the second half (doable but not ideal). The Primal stick was a little easier to reapply than the Piper Wai tub but still, it's annoying to try to hide at your open desk space and do that mid-day. Another thing to note with Piper Wai is that you can't wear it with white shirts (and I wear white all the time). It's made with charcoal which started turning the armpits of my shirt black. 

I was rotating through these two options until I came across Primally Pure on the newly added products section of the Think Dirty app. It was also highly recommended by a few people but I'm always hesitant with deo recos because what works for you might not work for me...our bodies are different. Seeing it approved on the app pushed me to give it a try. I also really liked that they had a "sensitive skin" version because my skin is SO sensitive and I've had reactions to many of the "natural" deos. The first thing I noticed about this product was that it smells AMAZING (I got the lemongrass). Seriously, I didn't even care if it ended up working because I would have just kept it on me to smell...at all times. BUT it did end up working! And no irritations! It's lasted all day for me, no re-applying and it also lasted through the hot-cold temperatures which is always a test for me (walking a mile to work in the cold bundled up and then sweating as soon as you get inside, winter coat on the subway, stress sweat, etc.). 

Don't Get Discouraged When You First Make the Switch

This is important to know about natural deos...they are "just deodorant" ...not both antiperspirant (which blocks the sweat) and also a deodorant (which helps the smell). Because of this, two things might happen when you first make the switch...you might smell at first and also notice you're sweating more. Be patient and give it some time to start working. If your body was used to wearing a anti-perspirant then there will likely be a detox period where your pits are getting rid of all the chemicals jammed in there. You also might notice more wetness. This is because the sweat is no longer being blocked with a anti-perspirant. I noticed this at first...sweat was literally like dripping down my arms but eventually my body adjusted and its normal sweat. 

Why Wearing Non-Toxic Deodorant Is Important

Chemicals in deodorant can contribute to hormone imbalances. They are also linked to breast cancer, Alzheimers, and liver disease and while there doesn't seem to be enough science to prove this fully yet, there have been parabens and aluminum found in breast cancer tumors. If you think about it, it make sense. You put deodorant on every day, sometimes more than once a day, and the chemicals are absorbing into your porous armpits and lymph glands...close to your breasts. 

I also read this article about how male infertility is skyrocketing and linked to endocrine disrupting chemicals which is why I'm trying to get Bryan to switch over too. I bought him Tom's but it didn't work so he went out and bought his Degree again the next day. Primally Pure apparently works for men and women so I'm going to have to find a way to get this on him...

Let me know if you have any questions about making the switch! 






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